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Power Hour
CDSA Power Hour
Why a Power Hour?
The energy behind the Yuba County Power Hour came from you, our customers. Many times, throughout the day, someone is seeking information and the technical expert is in the field conducting an inspection, interview or survey. By emplacing staggered start times for field work, we guarantee that each Community Development department will have technical resources available at the front counter to answer your questions.


Who benefits from Power Hour?
Everyone! If you're reading this and currently reside in Yuba County or are contemplating a move to our area, chances are you will benefit in knowing that all of your current or future land use questions can be addressed at CDSA, 8am - 9am, daily - without an appointment.


What can you expect outside of the Power Hour?
The same level of Customer Service that has always been provided. Technical staff will be available to assist with:

    • Building Permits
    • New Project Applications
    • Gold Village Sewer & Water payment
    • Grading Permits
    • Transportation Permits
    • Encroachment Permits
    • Sycamore Ranch Reservations
    • Hammon Grove Reservations
    • Complaints (Road & Code Violation)
    • Septic & Well Permits
    • Scheduling Inspections


When should you schedule an appointment?
Power Hour is designed to meet the majority of customer needs. However, there are times when 10-15 minutes will not suffice and with much of our staff working in the field throughout the day, it is sometimes advantageous to schedule an appointment. The CDSA Front Desk staff are available to assist in coordinating and scheduling appointments for:

    • Pre Planning Project Application Review Meeting*
    • Pre Development Meeting*
    • Legal Description & Parcel Line disputes
    • Easement and Right of Way claims

* Planning Fees may be associated




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