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Environmental Health/ CUPA

Clark Pickell, R.E.H.S. - Department Head

915 8th. St., Suite 123, Marysville, CA 95901

(530)749-5450 Fax: (530)749-5454


Yuba County Body Art/Tattoo Program


Yuba County Enforces the Body Art Laws of California.


The Yuba County Environmental Health department permits, regulates and inspects all body art facilities

(permanent, temporary or mobile) as well as registers and permits the practitioners.



The following image is connected to a printable copy of the California State Body Art Regulations.






Body Art Facility Application ({word.doc} --- {.pdf})

Body Art Practitioner Registration ({word.doc} --- {.pdf})

Body Art Apprentice Notification Form ({word.doc} --- {.pdf})

                                     Environmental Health General Services Request Form ({word.doc} --- {.pdf})

                                                  (The general service request form is used for requested services not covered by a permit application)



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