Yuba County/BIA/Developers Roundtable

January 28, 2004

I.  In attendance:  Kent McClain, Yuba County CAO; John Costa, BIA; Craig Zoller, Stantec Consulting; Jeff Panasiti, Lennar Renaissance; Steve Tofft, Myers Homes; Brian Spilman, Lakemont Homes; Tej Maan, Yuba County Community Development - Env. Health Division; Ed Mazza, Corinthian Homes; Christine Root, Corinthian Homes; Dan Logue, Yuba Co.Superv.; Cliff Yarnell, Nordic Industries; Martin Griffin, Yuba County Community Development - Building Division, Mark Traver, Heritage Homes; James Van Maren, Beazer Homes; Jennifer Skillings, Del Webb; Jeremy Sutter, Del Webb; Michele Scott, Beazer Homes; Randy Margo, Yuba Co. Asst CAO; Guy Spitzer, Centex Homes; Kent MacDiarmid,Plumas Lake Owners Group; Tom Stoller, Morrison Homes; Bahram Sadaghiani, MacKay & Somps; Stan Samiec, Beazer Homes; Marcus LaDuca, Sandberg & LaDuca; Chuck Thistlethwaite, Yuba County Community Development - Planning Division; Tim Snellings, Pete Calarco - Yuba County Community Development

Emerging Issues:  A brainstorming session was held to identify potential areas of concern that the group thought that we should address.  The list is as follows:

         Review of Existing Process/Procedures

     Review Level of Uncertainty

     Problem Solving Process

        Drainage Issues

        County Counsels Office (Procedures)

        Levees (Current/Future Issues)

        Tentative Map Phasing

        Map Conditions

        Sheriff/Fire/School (Financing/Need)

        Process Documentation

        Fee Timing (Start $14k / Current $30K 3 year period)

     Fee Payment Schedule

        Review/Search for: Outside Funding (State/Federal)

        Equal Playing Field

        HCP/NCCP (Joint Yuba & Sutter Counties)

     Establish Process

     H-99/H-70 Impacts

     Consultants: Jones & Stokes


        Streamline Process

(Through ordinances Develop/Change current language)

        Staff/Community Outreach (Benefits of Growth)


        Timing of Commercial Development

        Regional Sewer

        Staff Training (Process)

        SACOG AB1426 (Affordable Housing)

     Blueprint Workshop

        NFPA 5000 (State Code)

     Codes (building)


        Plumas Lakes: Construction Practices (Ex. Other County Procedures)

     Ex. Not Okd in Yuba County

(Pads re-certified for winter construction)

        Timeframe: Turn around time on submittals

     Current 4 to 6 weeks (First set of comments)

Common Concerns (Focus Efforts):


        Impact Fees/Infrastructure





        Problem Solving

        Process Documentation

        Fee timing/Schedule (Fee Payment Schedule)

Follow up Meeting:

 Wednesday February 11th @ 10am,  Yuba County Planning Department; Conf Rm