Yuba County/BIA/Developers Roundtable

February 11, 2004


I.                  Issues / Suggestions

        Survey (Resource) http://www.yubacomdev.org/developers

     Organize Top Priorities

        Identify Agencies: Participation in Discussion

     RD 784


     Fire Department

     Yuba-Sutter Disposal, Inc.

     Yuba County Water Agency

     School Districts

     Yuba-Sutter Transit


        Common Concerns (Focus Efforts): Updates


-Formation of JPA (RD 784/YCWA)

-HDR draft available Mid-March


-1st this year/2nd next year

     Impact Fees/Infrastructure

-Final #s on cost; development of districts

-Still evolving

-Road Impact Fee (Traffic Study)



-Master Plans: 2-3 weeks

-Permits: 400 per/week

(Current: 2 Staff members)

-Inspections: 250 day/avg

(Current: 1 Staff member)

-Online Scheduling next year



-No Update



-Work load: Contracting out LP2A

     Problem Solving

-Yuba-Sutter Disposal, Inc.

*Exclusive Francis Agreement

*Drop Boxing (enough)

     Process Documentation

-Develop Documentation

-Send out drafts for review

*Steps LAFCO Application

*Fee Payment Process (Establishing of fees)

*Matrix Identifying timing of fees/relationship of fees

*Bottle Neck in County Counsel Office (Reasons for fees issues)

     Fee Timing/Schedule (Fee Payment Schedule)

II.              Other Business

        Setup Follow up Meeting (Date/Time/Location)

     March 3, 2004 at 10:00 am

Countys new building

915 8th Street, Marysville