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Yuba County/BIA/Developers Roundtable

June 09, 2004 (10:00 am)
Meeting Location - Board of Supervisors Chambers

915 8th Street, Marysville


On the agenda so far are the following topics for discussion:

1) New tools for you...

2) Presentation/Q&A - Jeff Finn, Department of Fish & Game regarding the Swainson Hawk study/survey and new mitigation requirement (postponed until a future meeting date, but Tim will provide an update of the current status of this issue) (Letter sent from F&G to County on April 13, 2004)

3) Sheriff Funding and CSA...Board action yesterday

4) SACOG Housing Compact (Board presentation yesterday)

5) Staffing update (Planning & LAFCO)

6) Yahoogroup for easy emailing to Community Development Customers

7) Other items from the floor

8) County (State & Feds also) closed THIS Friday, as a mark of respect for President Reagan

9) Next Meeting - June 23rd, Conference Room #2