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Yuba County/BIA/Developers Roundtable

July 07, 2004 (10:00 am)
Meeting Location -
Conference Room #1 (next to Board Chambers)
915 8th Street, Marysville



1)         Levee Update (Kevin Mallen).

            Kevin gave a short update on the status of flood control improvements.  Kevin said that an orchard will have to be removed to meet flood control needs on the Bear River.  He said that HDR will begin Phase I of the Yuba River levee repair in October of this year which will involve constructing a slurry wall to reduce the risk of a potential levee failure at the site.  Kevin also stated that filling of the WPIC landside ditch will not occur this year due to the delay of the Olivehurst Detention Basin Project.  He said that staff is researching the long term funding needs that will be required to maintain the RD 784 levees to standards necessary to protect an urban area and how to fund the project.  Kevin stated that the Olivehurst Detention Basin Project construction will not begin this year due to issues associated with preparing a final design, CEQA, and endangered species compliance.  Kevin said that a time extension on the FEMA grant being requested.

2)         Swainson Hawk Update (Letter sent from F&G to County on April 13, 2004).

            Tim said that the Board will be meeting with Ken Whitney and developers to come up with a plan to address the letter received from Fish & Game in April of this year.  Tim said he will notify the developers when a date for this meeting is firmed up.

3)         New Law Enforcement CSA

            Chuck Thistlethwaite said that the Board of Supervisors adopted a resolution of application to LAFCO regarding the CSA for law enforcement.  Chuck said this would apply to new subdivision tract maps in the County.  Chuck said that the assessment will be $141 per lot with 80% going to the Sheriff’s Department, 10% to the Probation Department and 10% to the District Attorney.  Chuck said he hopes to have the CSA completed by August.

4)         SACOG Blueprint Update

            Tim said that Dave Shebazian, SACOG, presented a Blueprint Update to the Board of Supervisors Tuesday evening.  Tim said that the forecast for the valley showed a significant land consumption.  Tim said the presentation showed some good land use planning with regards to transportation choices, housing densities, and balancing jobs and homes.  Tim said the County will be working hard to implement this in our future planning documents.

5)         Staffing update (Planning & LAFCO)…projects status report.

            Tim discussed the workload issues facing the Community Development Department.   He explained that he is meeting with Personnel and the CAO’s office to amend the salaries and reorganize the department so that we can attract qualified applicants for the various vacancies within the department and retain them.  Tim said that Consultants are now on board and working diligently to help staff with the backlog of applications.  Tim said that we will dig ourselves out as quickly as we can and thanked those present for their patience.  Tim showed the developers the  site and encouraged them to provide information the department to let them know ahead of time what’s coming our way with regard to applications so that we can be somewhat ready for it.

6)         Fees, Budget & Staffing

            Tim explained that the fee schedule for the department will be sent out to a consulting firm to be reviewed and updated as the fees have not been raised in over ten years. 

7)         Yahoogroup for easy emailing to Community Development Customers 

            Tim encouraged those present to be sure and sign up on the yahoogroup mailing.

8)         Other items from the floor.

            One of the developers asked if Building was going to be able to keep up with the inspections.

            Tim said that the Board of Supervisors approved the hiring of two more Building Inspectors on Tuesday evening.  Tim said that Marty is already recruiting these positions.

9)         Next Meeting – How about monthly with email updates???  Your thoughts???

            Tim and the Developers discussed BIA meeting frequency and it was decided that they would meet once a month on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 10:00a.m. in the Board of Supervisors Chambers.

There being no further comments, the meeting was adjourned to the next meeting August 11, 2004.