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Yuba County/BIA/Developers Roundtable

August 11, 2004 (10:00 am)
Meeting Location -
Board Chambers
915 8th Street, Marysville



1)    Levee Update (Kevin Mallen)

2)    Backfill Trenching Update (Kevin Mallen)

3)    Getting APNs Faster - Digitized Map requirement at Final Map (Dave Brown, Gary Lippincott)

4)    Corner Lots in Subdivisions...just how much frontage is needed? (Pete Calarco)

5)    Swainson Hawk Update (Tim Snellings)

6)    Fees, Budget & Staffing update (Tim Snellings)

7)    Yahoogroup for easy emailing to Community Development Customers 

8)    Other items from the floor

9)    Next meeting:  September 08, 2004