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Public Works

Michael Lee, Director

915 8th Street, Suite 125, Marysville,  CA 95901

(530)749-5420 Fax: (530)749-5424


County Service Areas:

Yuba County has been utilizing County Service Areas for over 20 years to provide services to County residents and there are over 60 CSA's in the County.  The basic premise of a CSA is to fund a service that the County would not otherwise be able to fund through traditional sources (property tax, sales tax, fuel tax, etc.) by creating a direct assessment that a property owner pays for a particular service. The most common type of service and associated assessment is for road and drainage maintenance in new subdivisions, but there are others ranging from lighting to fire protection.  As the name implies a CSA is administered by County Staff (traditionally Public Works) under the direction of the County Board of Supervisors.
A CSA may be established to provide any one or more of the following types of extended services within an unincorporated area:
Extended police protection, structural fire protection, local park, recreation, or parkway facilities and services, extended library facilities and services, television translator station facilities and services, low-power television services; and any other governmental services, referred as miscellaneous extended services, which the County is authorized by law to perform, and which the County does not also perform to the same extent on a County-wide basis both within and outside city boundaries.





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