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Goldfields Parkway Corridor:


The Project

A new roadway is proposed northeast of Marysville extending from the Highway 65/70 Interchange near Olivehurst to Highway 20.  In an effort to improve local and inter-regional travel, this project was previously slated to be a freeway constructed by Caltrans and was referred to as the Marysville Bypass.  Despite the extensive history and overwhelming interest in the corridor, funding shortfalls forced Caltrans to discontinue the project.  The Yuba County Department of Public Works has since decided to pursue a 4- lane expressway as a local project in conjunction with many local agencies, businesses and community groups.


Q: How is the Goldfields Parkway different from the project previously known as the Marysville Bypass?

A: The proposed Goldfields Parkway project differs from the Marysville Bypass project in several key respects. The Marysville Bypass project was a wide, high speed, 4-lane freeway extension of Highway 70 that terminated as far north as Oroville.  The Goldfields Parkway proposed project is a narrower 4-lane local road and is not currently proposed to extend north of Highway 20.  The Marysville Bypass freeway proposed few local road connections via freeway interchanges, whereas, the Goldfields Parkway project will have signalized intersections at major cross streets that will be limited to ¼ or ½-mile spacing.  Additionally, much of the Marysville Bypass freeway would have been elevated on a viaduct.  The Goldfields Parkway proposes to closely follow the ground surface, with one short bridge over the Yuba River.  Not only is the Goldfields Parkway more accessible and shorter in length, it's also a fraction of the cost. 


Q: Why should we build this roadway?

A: The purpose of the project is to improve local and inter-regional travel. The improvements will:

  • Relieve existing congestion in Marysville by providing an alternate route around Marysville.
  • Reduce truck traffic through Marysville and Hallwood by providing a more direct route for trucks to access Routes 65 and 70 via a facility designed to accommodate all modes of traffic safely and efficiently. 
  • Mitigate future capacity needs from planned development.
  • Provide an inter-regional route from the areas east of Marysville.  There are very few crossings of the Yuba River east of Marysville: Route 70 (Mile 0), Simpson Lane (Mile 1) and Route 20 (Mile 14). 


Q: What are the various project alternatives?

A: The County is currently considering three different corridor alternatives for the project as outlined below:

  • Corridor A - Easterly Alignment

This alignment connects to the existing alignment at North Beale Road and proceeds north until the south levee, where it heads in an easterly direction adjacent to the north side of the levee. It follows the levee until heading north along a line adjacent to the west side of the aggregate mining operations and terminates at Route 20, near Woodruff Lane and Loma Rica Road.

  • Corridor B - Middle Alignment

This alignment connects to the existing alignment at North Beale Road and heads north until the south   levee where it proceeds in a northwesterly direction through Dantoni Orchards and ties into Route 20 near Plantz Road. 

  • Corridor C - Westerly Alignment

This alignment connects to the existing alignment at North Beale Road and heads north until the south levee where it proceeds in a northwesterly direction through Dantoni Orchards, and passes through the "Hog Farm" gap in the Yuba-Sutter Landfill before connecting with Route 20. 


 Q: What is the cost for the Goldfields Parkway and how is it being funded?

A: The costs for the three corridors from North Beale Road to Highway 20 range from $80 - 95 million.  Potential funding sources are development impact fees, aggregate mining incentives, and federal transportation funds.


Q: What is the project timeline?

A: A set schedule has not yet been determined.  The segments south of North Beale Road will proceed in conjunction with surrounding development.  The Feasibility Study Report for the segment from North Beale Road to Highway 20 is expected to be complete in the summer of 2007. 


Q: How many homes or property owners will the Goldfields Parkway directly impact?

A:  As many as 25 separate parcels could be directly impacted.


Q: How much agriculture land will be lost as a result of this effort?

A:  Up to 100 acres of agricultural land would be converted to public right of way.


Q: How can I participate?

A: Please take the time to attend any Yuba County planning workshops or public meetings for development in the area and voice your opinion to staff.

You can also submit comments by e-mail at the following link:



Goldfields Parkway Corridor Study Project Partners and Key Stakeholders Include:


Yuba County, Caltrans, cities of Marysville, Linda, Olivehurst, Browns Valley and other foothill communities, the Hallwood area, developers, aggregate mining operations, the trucking industry, area farming operations, local businesses and residences.






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