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Public Works

Michael Lee, Director

915 8th Street, Suite 125, Marysville, CA 95901

(530)749-5420 Fax: (530)749-5424


Yuba County Encroachment Permits:


How do I know I need an Encroachment Permit?

An Encroachment Permit is required any time construction work will be performed within the public right of way.  Individuals, companies, contractors, corporations, utilities and other agencies proposing to conduct any activity within, under, or over the County’s right of way are required to obtain an Encroachment Permit. 


            Examples of work requiring a Construction Encroachment Permit are

            excavations, sign, post, and fence installations, equipment/structures

            placed upon the street and/or sidewalk, vegetation planting/trimming,

            driveway or sidewalk installation/replacement, and utility work. 


            Examples of events requiring Non-Construction Encroachment Permits

              are neighborhood block events, walkathons/marathons/bike races,

            marching band review, and material placed upon the street and/or



Why do I need an Encroachment Permit?

An Encroachment Permit ensures that all work or events being performed within Yuba County Right of Ways is complying to County Standards.


How do I get an Encroachment Permit?

Encroachment Permits may be obtained from the Yuba County Pubic Works Department.  Applications can be obtained from the Yuba County Public Works Department and the Yuba County Web Site/Public Works Department.  Please submit plans and an Encroachment Permit Application to:


            Yuba County Public Works Department

            Attention:  Encroachment Permit Staff

            915 8th Street, Suite 125

            Marysville, CA  95901


How much does it cost?

Please contact the Encroachment Permit Staff at 530-749-5420 for current encroachment permit fee information.


What do I do once I get this permit?

If your work involves digging, call USA Underground Alert at 800-227-2600, two working days prior to starting work. 


Notify Public Works Inspection, 530-749-5656, two working days in advance of the date work is to begin.


An Encroachment Permit does not relieve the permittee of the responsibility to obtain permits that may be required by other agencies.




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