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Public Works

Michael Lee, Director

915 8th Street, Suite 125, Marysville, CA 95901

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Educational Tools:

As part of Yuba County's ongoing educational outreach for storm water quality awareness we have purchased a table-top model that provides a unique, interactive learning experience.  The model makes the connection between what we do on earth and environmental quality.  It is a learning tool for all age levels, helping people see how they can make a difference and is used in green education programs around the world.





Please contact Kathy Gregg at (530) 749-5426 or if you are interested in having us come to your classroom or event for a demonstration.


California Water Board Tools:

Teachers & Educators:

The California Water Resources Control Board has a wonderful website with helpful information and material to assist you with water education.  You can access this information at:


We would be happy to help you integrate this learning program into your science curriculum.



Having a good time while learning is always a plus.  At this site, you will find different games and activities that you can use.  Games & Activities



The Water Board has also put together a Neighborhood Action Kit.  This is a comprehensive How To Guide to help residents develop pollution prevention activities in their communities.



Preventing Pollution Informational Brochures:

Everyday activities such as yard work and washing your car can have a detrimental impact on our water quality.  Learn what you can do to help keep our water clean by using the following advice and by visiting the links below:

Don't dump anything down storm drains. Chemicals and household products such as  paint, oil, and pesticides are harmfull to fish, wildlife, and people.

Dispose of litter properly.

Keep storm drains clear of debris, dirt, sand, silt, and wastes.

Prevent dripping and spilling automotive fluids. Used oil and filters, antifreeze, and other automotive fluids can be safely recycled at a local used oil collection center.

Wash cars and other vehicles at a car wash, rather than in a yard or on the street where the soap and oil will flow into a storm drain.

Reduce or eliminate use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers for landscaping and lawns.

Compost or recycle leaves and yard waste, do not dump into streams or behind fences.

Prevent livestock from entering watercourses by fencing and other means.

Clean up after pets and dispose of in trash can.

Take steps during construction activities to prevent dirt and sediment from running offsite and onto waterways.


We have several Brochures available for additional information on:


General Information for Homeowner's  


Painting without polluting     


Landscaping & Gardening   


Horse & Livestock Activities     


Safe Use and Disposal of Pesticides   


Carpet Cleaning guidelines        


Concrete & Creeks don't mix


Vehicle Washing & Maintenance   



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