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Public Works

Michael Lee, Director

915 8th Street, Suite 125, Marysville, CA 95901

(530)749-5420 Fax: (530)749-5424


Frequently Asked Questions:

How many miles of road does the County Maintain?

Answer: The County maintains approximately 658.2 miles of road, 556.2 miles are paved and 102 miles are gravel.

Question: Who do I call to make a complaint?

Answer: Call Yuba County Public Works Department during normal business hours, Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. or you can electronically submit the information using our on-line Complaint Form at:


Question: Who do I call to report unsafe road conditions?

Answer: During normal business hours (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) call Yuba County Public Works Department at (530) 749-5420 and off business hours call Yuba County Sheriff's Department at (530) 749-7777.

Question:  Who do I call to fix burned out street lights?

Answer:  Locate pole number on pole (located 7 feet from bottom of pole).
If pole is in the Cobblestone/Plumas Lake area and the pole number starts with YC call (530) 749-5420 with pole number and location.  Any other pole location and/or number you can contact PG & E Maintenance Division at (800)743-5000 or fill out a Street Light Trouble Report on line at:


Question:  Why are there street lights only on some corners in my neighborhood in the Plumas Lake Specific Plan Area?

Answer:  When the Plumas Lake Specific Plan was being planned, property owners near the proposed development area were concerned about losing their rural setting and did not want a lot of street lights illuminating the area.  So when the Plan was adopted by the County, street lights were required only at intersections and driver decision locations.  When the first subdivisions were constructed in the Plumas Lake area, the developer interpreted the Specific Plan to mean that street lights were required only at intersections.  After the first few maps and plans were approved, our department interpreted the meaning of decision locations to include the end of cul-de-sacs and at knuckles.  Unfortunately, the developers were not willing to install additional street lights in the areas already constructed. 

In the Cobblestone Subdivision, the developer chose to install additional street lighting beyond the minimum required.  The home owners in this area pay a higher yearly assessment for the enhanced street lighting. 

The only way for the County to require more lighting is to amend the Plumas Lake Specific Plan and set criteria for street lights.  At this time there are no plans to amend the Plumas Lake Specific Plan.  But we do encourage developers to install additional street lights beyond the minimum required by the Specific Plan.

You and/or your neighbors can elect to contact PG&E and have them install additional street lights if so desired.  However, you would be responsible for the installation cost. The County will pay the monthly electrical costs for any new lights using funds collected through County Service Area Assessments.


Question:  Can signs be placed in the County's right-of-way?

Answer:  Signs are an essential element of any community.  Where signs are not properly regulated, they contribute to visual clutter and confusion, and create an unpleasant impression.  They may cause traffic hazards, and impede rather than enhance commerce.  Failure to appropriately regulate signs adversely affects the public health, safety, and welfare.

It is prohibited to have any sign in a public right-of-way or blocking site distance (Yuba County Ordinance 12.90.035 (2))




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