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Marijuana Cultivation:

Summary of Chapter 7.40 Medical and Non-Medical Marijuana Cultivation for Personal Use Ordinance Requirements:

The bullet points listed below are a summary of provisions contained in Yuba County Ordinance Code, Chapter 7.40.  The list is not all inclusive and other regulations may apply. 

  • Marijuana can only be cultivated on a parcel that has a legally established and permitted dwelling/residence.

  • There is no distinction between a mature or an immature marijuana plant.

  • Marijuana shall be for personal use, either for medical or non-medical purposes.

  • Outdoor cultivation is prohibited.

  • Cultivation of more than 6 plants is prohibited.  6 plants is the maximum number of marijuana plants per parcel/private residence regardless of parcel size or number of individuals participating in the cultivation.

  • Cultivation of up to 6 plants may occur within the defined area of cultivation within a dwelling/private residence or qualifying accessory structure (Please note: a permit from Yuba County Building Department is required for construction of accessory structures greater than 120 sq ft in size).

  • The defined area of cultivation shall:

    • Be indoors (must meet the definition for “indoor”)

    • Be securable (must prevent unauthorized access)

    • Have electricity (service must be sufficiently sized to handle the electrical load)

    • Have a ventilation and filtration system capable of controlling humidity and preventing odors from exiting the structure

    • Be screened from public view

For more detailed information please read the complete ordinance. You can obtain a copy by clicking the following Link: 

or by visiting our office at: 

    County of Yuba
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    Code Enforcement Division
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