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Adult Services Division

Pamela Cook, Program Manager

 5730 Packard Avenue, Suite 100, (P.O. Box 2320) Marysville, CA 95901.


Multipurpose Senior Services Program (MSSP)


The primary objective of the Multipurpose Senior Services Program, MSSP, is to foster and maintain independence and dignity in community settings for frail seniors by preventing or delaying their inappropriate placement in a nursing facility.


MSSP provides social and health case management services for seniors who are at risk of placement in a nursing facility, but who wish to remain in their own home and community.  A Social Worker and a Public Health Nurse work collaboratively together in providing case management services for seniors enrolled in the MSSP Program.


MSSP services must be provided at a cost lower than that for nursing facility care.  MSSP services include:


  • Case Management

  • Adult Day Care

  • Respite Care

  • Transportation

  • Lifeline Emergency Telephone Services

  • Dietician Assessments

  • Fall Prevention Assessments

  • Health Care Services

  • Adaptive Home Equipment

  • Assistive Devices 


Eligibility for MSSP:

  • Age 65 or older

  • Reside in Yuba County

  • Receiving Medi-Cal under an appropriate aid code and must have a zero share of cost for Medi-Cal

  • Certifiable for placement in a nursing facility

  • Able to be served at home

  • Appropriate for case management services


Yuba County MSSP has a maximum of 65 seniors who can be enrolled in the MSSP Program at one time.  There may be a waiting list for MSSP services.


How to Apply for MSSP:

  • You can call 530-749-6471 and ask for any of the MSSP staff, including the MSSP Social Worker, MSSP Public Health Nurse, MSSP Supervisor, or MSSP Site Director. 

  • If you are currently receiving IHSS services, you can ask your IHSS Social Worker to refer you to the MSSP Program.

  • The MSSP staff will complete a referral over the phone with you.

  • The MSSP staff will make a home visit to have you sign an application and complete the necessary paperwork for enrollment in the MSSP Program.

  • If there is a waiting list for MSSP, your name will be placed on a waiting list and the MSSP Supervisor will contact you when there is an opening.


Adult Services Division â€¢ 5730 Packard Ave Suite 100, Marysville, CA 95901 • (530)749-6471 • After-Hours Response: (530)749-6471


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