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Adult Services Division

Pamela Cook, Program Manager

 5730 Packard Avenue, Suite 100, (P.O. Box 2320) Marysville, CA 95901.


Senior Nutrition Access Card, SNAC Program

SNAC is a community funded program, created to provide qualified low income seniors, residing in the City of Marysville and in the Yuba County communities of Linda or Olivehurst, healthy meals at participating local restaurants.

The SNAC program is a pilot program, designed to give eligible seniors an opportunity to enjoy nutritious meals and to socialize with family and friends at participating local restaurants.


Eligibility for SNAC:

  • Be 60 years or older.

  • Income limits are $1433.00 per month for one person and $1638.00 per month for a couple.

  • Must live in the Marysville, Linda, or Olivehurst areas.

  •  Must have transportation to and from restaurants.


What does SNAC Provide?

  • 20 coupons per month, with a maximum value of $6.00 for a meal of your choice at one of the participating local restaurants.

  • Socialization.

  • Freedom to choose preferred times, locations, and choices for meals.


Requirements of SNAC:

  • Coupons are to be used for the amount of one meal up to $6.00. The SNAC participant is responsible for any balance over $6.00.

  • The coupons cannot be used by anyone other than the person they are assigned to.  This means you cannot buy other people meals.

  • There are no "to go" or "carry out" meals.  Meals are to be eaten at the restaurants.

  • No alcohol can be purchased.

  • The coupon can not be applied towards a tip.

  • The SNAC participant may use more than one coupon per day, but only one coupon per meal.  For example, one coupon for breakfast, one for lunch, and one for dinner.


What local restaurants participate in the SNAC Program?

  • China Moon, 315 3rd St, Marysville

  • Cisco's Mexican Restaurant, 301 3rd St, Marysville

  • Duke's Diner, 1770 7th Ave, Olivehurst

  • Peach Tree Restaurant, 1080 North Beale Rd, Marysville

  • Mom's Diner 5915 Lindhurst Ave, Marysville

  • Mountain Mike's Pizza 606 J St, Marysville

  • Teriyaki House, 801 5th St, Marysville

  • Wonderful Restaurant, 1912 Highway 65, Wheatland 


Adult Services Division 5730 Packard Ave Suite 100, Marysville CA 95901 24 Hour Hotline (530) 749-6471


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