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Public Assistance Division

Michele Mazerolle, Program Manager

Alex Rodriguez, Assistant Program Manager

5730 Packard Ave., Suite 100 -  P.O. Box 2320  Marysville, CA  95901

Phone: (530) 749-6311 Fax: (530)

Services Offered 

Eligibility to Services

Each program has rules about who qualifies for assistance.   Medi-Cal has a variety of mini-programs with special rules that cover a wide range of income, property limits and medical needs.  For each public assistance program, facts about the individual or household, including but not limited to, income, bank accounts, stocks, vehicles, age and residency, will be verified. 


How to Apply

c4yourself_logo.gifPersons living in Yuba County may go to 5730 Packard Ave., Suite 100 - Marysville, CA  95901, call 1-877-652-0739, or click on the C4Yourself logo and apply online.                                                                                                             

Applications may also be mailed into the office.                       

Interviews are done in the office. 

However, in some cases the interview can be done over the phone. 

If an interpreter is needed please ask at the time the appointment is made so one can be available for the interview.  There is no cost to you for the services of an interpreter.


What should I bring when I apply?

1.            Proof of Citizenship - you MUST have an acceptable form of ID when you go for the interview to prove that you are a citizen of the United States.  To prove citizenship, provide your birth certificate, driver's license, work or school ID, or voter registration card.  Due to the laws, if you are a legal alien, you may STILL be entitled to benefits. 

2.            Important Papers/Proof of Income - you will need to show relevant documentation to have your eligibility determined.  Among these are your personal ID, Social Security Number for everyone in your household, bank books, pay stubs, payroll check receipts, copies of checks or benefit statements from your Social Security, pension, SSI or other earned or unearned income.  NEVER WITHHOLD OR GIVE INCORRECT INFORMATION.  The information you provide is checked against other government records and you could lose or reduce your benefits if the information you give is not true and accurate.   

3.            Proof of Employment Status - you can work and still receive CalFresh.  However, you are probably not eligible to receive CalFresh if you recently quit a job for no reason or if you are on strike when you apply (unless you could have qualified before you went on strike).  If you do get a job you may be able to continue to receive most of your CalFresh benefits depending on the amount of your wages. 

4.            Social Security Numbers (SSN) - you will need Social Security Numbers for every member of your household, including children, even if they are toddlers or infants.  Since children may not have SSN numbers, you may still apply for services and ask the worker to give you information on how to obtain SSNs.  You may also call the Social Security Administration toll free at 1-800-772-1213.  


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Foster Care

Foster Care provides payments to qualifying relatives or non-relatives for the care and support of a child placed in their care.   Visit the California Official Website for further information on this program. 


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General Assistance

General Assistance provides relief and support to all Yuba County residents who are not supported by their own means, by friends or relatives, by other public funds, or by other assistance programs.  General Assistance provides temporary assistance to individuals who are not eligible to federal or state-funded cash assistance. General Assistance in Yuba County is a loan program for indigent persons; recipients participate by working to repay the funds.  General Assistance provides continued aid for incapacitated persons while applying for and securing a continuing source of support, such as Supplemental Security Income/State Supplemental Payment (SSI/SSP).  Whether a person is eligible for General Assistance depends on a number of factors such as income and property.  A full financial eligibility determination is made at the time of application and throughout the period of assistance. 


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Medical Services

There are two basic programs that provide assistance with paying for health care for an eligible individual or family.  Each program has its own rules to determine who is eligible and the amount, if any, of monthly co-payment.   Not all doctors accept these programs for payment, so it is best you check with your doctor. 



DHCS.jpgMedi-Cal provides medical, vision and dental services for people with full-scope benefits.  A person can be eligible for full-scope Medi-Cal benefits if she/he is a U.S. citizen or a legal permanent resident alien and meets other eligibility criteria.  Restricted benefits provide emergency services to individuals without satisfactory immigration status.  Restricted benefits allow a person to use her/his Medi-Cal for emergency services only.  For a pregnant woman with restricted benefits, Medi-Cal will cover pregnancy-related services only.  Based on a person's family size and income, a person may have to pay a share of cost (SOC) to the provider each month if Medi-Cal is used.  A person with zero SOC pays no portion of the medical expenses whether or not Medi-Cal is used.


CMSP (County Medical Services Program)

CMSP provides medical coverage for adults who are low income, without health insurance and are ineligible for Medi-Cal.


Medi-Cal Managed Care contracts for health care services through established networks of organized systems of care, which emphasize primary and preventive care.  Plans available in our area are the Anthem Blue Cross Partnership Plan and California Health and Wellness.


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Coast2Coast Rx Card

Coast2Coast is a free discount prescription card.  All members of a family can use the card.  It is always FREE and the card can be used immediately.  There is no age, income or other exclusions.  There are no forms to fill out.  To get a free card, click Here  Then, simply take the card to a participating pharmacy to start saving today.                                     





For more information on Medical Services call 1-877-652-0739


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