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Employment Services Division

YubaWORKs - 5730 Packard Avenue Suite 600, Marysville, CA 95901


Supportive Services

We understand that you may need more than just training and job counseling to participate successfully in Welfare-to-Work.  That is why we will help you arrange and/or pay for childcare, transportation, and work or training related expenses.  If other funding sources are not available to pay for all of your supportive services expenses, we will pay for the supportive services.

  • Child Care Costs - We can help you pay for your childcare expenses while you participate in your Welfare-to-Work activity.  You can choose the childcare provider you want, like childcare centers, relatives, friends, or neighbors.  You may be expected to pay for part of the childcare costs depending on how much money you earn from a job.

We have partnered with Children's Home Society to take care of the childcare payment program and you will be referred to them for your childcare needs.  Your childcare provider will be paid directly by Children's Home Society. 

  • Transportation Costs - We may pay for transportation that costs the least amount of money if you need it to get to and from your activity and for you to get to and from childcare.  Expenses that we may pay for include bus passes, gas, parking, and other transportation related expenses.      

  • Ancillary Costs - We may pay for other items that you need to participate in your activity like the cost of books, tools, clothing for a job, and any other item that is necessary. 

  • Personal Counseling - If you have a personal or family problem that affects your ability to participate in your Welfare-to-Work activity then we will provide necessary counseling or therapy to help you and your family.

If you qualify for a supportive service payment and you need it before you start your job or activity, we may give you an advance payment.  That way, you will not be out any money - even for a short time.


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