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Public Health Division

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Whether you are a parent, property owner, medical provider, painter, remodeler, teacher, childcare provider, housing agency, community organization or someone just wanting to learn about lead and healthy housing, we can help.

The Yuba County Lead Poisoning Prevention Program offers the following services in Yuba County:

Blood Work
  • Public Information Line at (530)749-6366

  • Case management of children with lead poisoning

  • Community outreach and education

  • Healthy housing information, services and partnerships

Lead screening through a blood test is the only way to know if a child has lead poisoning.

Lead acts like a poison in your body.  Lead can be found in many places in your home and environment.  Some of the most common sources of lead include household paint, soil, water, food, toys, and home remedies.  Lead can also be found at many job sites.  Once lead is in the environment, it stays there until removed. When lead gets in the body it can make people, especially children, very sick.  As lead levels in the body increase, the health risk to the body increases as well.  Children who are exposed to lead can develop behavior problems.  It can also affect speech and language development, and lower a child’s intelligence.  Children may have decreased coordination, hearing loss, and health problems that can affect the function of the kidneys, liver, reproductive system, and nervous system, including the brain. High levels of lead can lead to mental retardation, seizures, and death.


Take steps to lower lead exposure and lead prevention:

  • Watch what goes into your child's mouth.

  • Wash bottles, pacifiers and toys often.

  • Have your child wash hands often.

  • Give your child three healthy meals and healthy snacks each day including vitamin C, Iron, and Calcium. Limit foods high in fat, salt and sugar.

  • Clean your home weekly.
  • Wipe surfaces with a clean, damp cloth or sponge to avoid sending lead dust into the air. Be sure to mop floors often.

  • Use water for drinking or cooking safely by using cold water. Run water for at least thirty to sixty (30-60) seconds before use.

  • Do not use pottery or crystal for storing, preparing or serving food.

  • Watch for flaking paint.

  • Plant grass to cover dirt.

  • Read labels on hobby and craft materials for lead content.

  • Screen ingredients of home remedies and cosmetics for lead content.

  • Check toys, jewelry, candy, etc. for lead recalls.

  • Jobs that may have increased lead exposure include construction, plumbing, battery making, car repairs, furniture refinishing, working in lead smelters, and some factories.

  • Don't bring lead home. Be sure to shower, change clothes and shoes if they have been exposed to lead. Wash lead exposed clothes separately from family clothes. Wash your hands frequently and always follow occupational safety guidelines.

  • Have everyone leave shoes outside of door.

  • Be sure to schedule well baby/child routine physical or exams with your Medical Home or Primary Care doctor.


California Public Health Lead facts and information. California Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Branch  CDC lead recalls website.
California Occupational Lead Poisoning Prevention Program

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Together we can eliminate lead poisoning in Yuba County.



Public Health • 5730 Packard Avenue, Suite 100  Marysville, CA 95901 • (530)749-6366 • Fax: (530)749-6397


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