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Jim Arnold, Chief Probation Officer

215 5th. St., Marysville, CA 95901

(530)749-7550  Fax: (530)749-7364


Juvenile probation provides comprehensive services to the youth, the community and other juvenile justice agencies.  The principal mandated tasks accomplished by the division are the preparation of investigative reports and dispositional recommendations to the Juvenile Court, and community supervision of minors placed under the jurisdiction of the juvenile court.  The division provides comprehensive prevention, intervention and enforcement program service elements.  Program elements include the Dan Avenue Day Reporting Center (DADRC), The Probation and School Success Program (PASS), Juvenile Offender Work Program, Truancy Program, and Civil/Family Law Services.


Dan Avenue Day Reporting Center - DADRC:

DADRC provides various programs delivered to probation youth and non probation youth. Programs offered include anger management, drug and alcohol counseling, bicycle safety, tobacco prevention, theft awareness, life skills and sexual health. These programs are Evidence Based Practice and facilitated by probation staff. Youth are referred to the programs by local law enforcement, Juvenile Traffic, probation and school districts.



This collaborative program model places four deputy probation officers and three intervention counselors in five district schools and one county school.  Schools include Covillaud K-5, McKenney 6-8, Yuba Gardens 6-8, Marysville and Lindhurst High Schools, and Thomas E. Mathews Court School.  Officers provide non-traditional probation services, prevention, and early intervention to youth and their families.



This program gives minors the opportunity to give back to their community by completing work hours. These hours consist of school, park and county grounds beautification.   



This collaborative undertaking with Marysville Joint Unified School District targets truant youth.  Patrol coupled with outreach services are provided out of the Truancy Center located in Marysville.  Periodic county wide truancy sweeps and close interaction with SARB and the Juvenile Court has increased daily attendance at local schools.



This court and community school is jointly operated by the Yuba County Office of Education and Probation Department.  The school provides a transition for Wards released from juvenile hall prior to reintegration into a main stream school setting.  Curriculum mirrors that of the juvenile hall school to ensure continuity from the detention to community setting.  Mental Health counseling and substance abuse counseling are provided.



Probation • 215 5th. St., Marysville, CA 95901 • (530) 749-7550 • Fax: (530) 749-7364


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