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ExpressTrak Permitting

     No appointments necessary!      

     No additional fees for this service.

     Obtain your permit over the counter with no delays in plan checking and inter-department routing.

    Face-to-face discussion with staff from each Department.


What is ExpressTrak?

The ExpressTrak permitting alternative offers a swift review of certain permit types.  The Yuba County Community Development & Services Agency (CDSA) is committed to delivering value-added services and information while also making your interactions with Yuba County more efficient and convenient.  We are confident that this express process will deliver a higher level of service that makes development in our County a more satisfying experience.


How does it work?

Every Wednesday, CDSA will review and issue certain Building Permits over-the-counter. All required documents, in addition to payment of fees are essential for a thorough and swift review.  Please check the list of qualifying permit types below to see if your project meets the requirements. Refer to the checklist on the reverse side of our Flyer to see what documents and additional requirements will apply to your project.


List of Qualifying Permit Types
  • Commercial Change of Tenant (non-structural)

  • Reroofs

  • Electrical Service Change-outs

  • HVAC Change-outs

  • Water Heater Change-outs

  • Window Replacements

  • Stucco or Siding Installs

  • Storage Sheds or Barns (pre-engineered)

  • Interior Residential Kitchen and/or Bath Remodel (non-structural)

  • Residential Roof Mount Solar

  • Residential Ground Mount Solar

  • Patio covers (listed pre-engineered metal)

  • Residential Swimming Pools

  • Deck Repair / New Construction (under 30” above grade)






Important Information:

If you are unsure about the requirements or required fees to submit for your project, please contact the Building Department at (530) 749-5440 and ask about ExpressTrak permitting. Incomplete submissions may not be issued the same day. Special requirements exist if your project is located in a Flood Zone or a Floodway; please contact Public Works Department at (530) 749-5420 prior to your visit to verify that your project qualifies.




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