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Environmental Health/ CUPA

Clark Pickell, R.E.H.S. - Department Head

915 8th. St., Suite 123, Marysville, CA 95901

(530)749-5450 Fax: (530)749-5454

Private Well Program

The private well program is to help insure an adequate and safe drinking water supply for the residents of Yuba County.  The program permits and reviews all private wells for proper construction and siting.  Inspections are made to verify proper seals and site information.






The following links provided are generic in nature and are not intended to provide specific answers to a particular situation.

California has its own well regulations for the drilling and sealing of wells.  If you have a question regarding a specific situation, please feel free to call the number listed at the bottom of this page.

More local information will be added in the future.



                 CDC Private wells                                            EPA Well information









On Parcels that will get their drinking water from wells it is required

that a well be drilled and tested prior to the release of building permits

for habitable structures.


The well application form found below can be used for water wells, public water system wells, monitoring and cathodic protection wells as well as soil borings and the destruction or deepening of any well.  If in doubt about the requirement for a permit please call Environmental Health at the number above.  An Env. Health Service request form will also be required and must be submitted with the well permit application.

One application form per parcel or job site is adequate. Please attach a plot plan showing the location of the proposed well(s) and all buildings and sewage disposal systems found on or near the site.  Also please attach a work plan when drilling wells other than a single domestic well.  The Permit application must be signed by the Licensed (C57) Well Drilling Contractor.  Applications may not be signed by a consultant or property owner.

The appropriate fee can be determined by checking the Yuba County Consolidated Fee Ordinance (Chapter 13) or by calling Environmental Health at (530) 749-5450.  Please submit a complete package for approval.  Applications will not be accepted without the proper plot plan, work plan (if required), service form and appropriate fee.


The following chart outlines the setbacks for domestic wells.  Other types of wells may have  other requirements and will be addressed at time of permit approval.






Distance From Well to:

Septic Tank

Building Sewer Pipe

Leach Field

Seepage Pit

Property Line


All distances are minimum horizontal measurements


50’ (May be reduced to not less than 25’ if pipe is constructed of materials approved for use in building)



Clearance to drill well without impinging on neighbors property

Must not be in building other than well house and must allow clearance for repair


Links to Yuba County Well Forms


Environmental Health General Service Request Form ({word.doc} ---- {.pdf})

                                        (The general service request form is also used for requested services not covered by a permit application)

                              Well permit application form ({word.doc} ---- {.pdf})

                                        (Please fill out completely and have signed by the licensed well driller. Must be accompanied by a Service Request form)


Contact Info: e-mail Well information or phone Margaret or Jodi at (530) 749-5450