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Environmental Health/ CUPA

Clark Pickell, R.E.H.S. - Department Head

915 8th. St., Suite 123, Marysville, CA 95901

(530)749-5450 Fax: (530)749-5454

Public Water Program


The public water program is to help insure an adequate and safe drinking water supply for the residents of Yuba County that are supplied from a centralized water system.  The program permits and reviews all public water systems for proper construction, maintenance and testing.  Inspections are made to verify proper operation and maintenance. 




     Production Testing a Well                        Redwood Holding Tank                        Metal Holding Tank 




            Well Head Assembly                           Well Head Assembly                         Well Head Assembly 



 Links to Public Water Information




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Links to Yuba County Public Water Forms


                                   Environmental Health General Service Request Form ({word.doc} - {.pdf})

                                               (The general service request form is also used for requested services not covered by a permit application)

                                   Well Permit Application Form ({word.doc} - {.pdf})

                                               (Please fill out completely and have signed by the licensed well driller.)


Contact  info: or Jodi at (530) 749-5450


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