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Environmental Health/ CUPA

Clark Pickell, R.E.H.S. - Department Head

915 8th. St., Suite 123, Marysville, CA 95901

(530)749-5450 Fax: (530)749-5454

Septic Program

The septic system program is to help insure the proper and adequate treatment and disposal of sewage within Yuba County.  The program permits and reviews all sewage system applications for proper design and placement to help protect the Health and Welfare of Yuba County residents.  Inspections are made to verify proper installation and site information.



Site visits and/or soils work may need to be performed prior to submitting an application for a septic permit.  A septic permit must be applied for and approval received when building a new home that will utilize an onsite disposal system.


Approval for continued use of an existing septic system must be received prior to Environmental Health issuing a clearance for a new or replacement "dwelling" permit.  An old system that has not been in use for more than 1 year (abandoned) may not be acceptable for use.  All septic systems are sized by the number of bedrooms in the dwelling and any building permit proposing to increase the number of bedrooms beyond the capacity of the existing disposal system will be required to upgrade the existing system to meet the new requirements.


Any system that has been abandoned or is not going to be used must have the tank destroyed in an approved manner.


Septic System Under Construction.




The following link will take you to the State Water Resources Control Board Site for the Latest published information on AB 885

"The State Onsite Wastewater Regulation Bill"

"UPDATED" with hearing schedule and changes March 2012


Links to Septic Forms and Information

                                Environmental Health General Services Request Form ({word.doc} --- {.pdf})

                                            (The general service request form is used for requested services not covered by a permit application)

                                Deviation Request Form ({word.doc} --- {.pdf})

                                            (Deviation requests for some set backs require this form and the appropriate fee)

                                Perk Test Procedures ({word.doc} --- {.pdf})

                                Perk Test Report Form ({word.doc} --- {.pdf})

                                Septic Setback Requirements ({word.doc} --- {.pdf})

                                Engineer Certification Form ({word.doc} --- {.pdf})  

                          Septic Permit Application Form ({word.doc} --- {.pdf})


Contact Info: mailto:Septic info or phone Andy or Chris at (530) 749-5450


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