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Planning Department


Wendy Hartman, Planning Director

915 8th Street, Suite 123, Marysville, CA 95901

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Updated: 10-09-2009




The North Beale Corridor Complete Streets Revitalization Plan for North Beale Road from Lindhurst Avenue to Linda Avenue sets forth design guidelines that incorporate guiding principles for transformation of North Beale Road into a distinctive high quality neighborhood boulevard; creation of a safe, multifunctional roadway for users of all types and abilities; and revitalization of corridor surroundings.  The Plan is to be used as a design guide for future development and revitalization of North Beale Road.


The purpose of the project was to involve the Linda Community in planning the North Beale Road corridor.  This was accomplished through a multi-day community design workshop (charrette) to develop a plan with detailed street and corridor design recommendations for North Beale Road. Staff conducted extensive outreach including information in both Hmong and Spanish inviting community participation in the charrette.


In October, 2008, staff, LGC, and Dan Burdon, who is nationally recognized for his work in sustainable communities, conducted the charrette which consisted of several focus groups (local and regional agencies, community service groups, and an economic development group) and a Neighborhood Walk and Design Fair.  Findings from the charrette were presented in an open discussion at Yuba Community College and are reflected in the Plan. 


North Beale Corridor Plan part 1

North Beale Corridor Plan part 2

North Beale Corridor Plan part 3

North Beale Corridor Plan part 4





Notice of Vested Rights Determination

Western Aggregates LLC Surface Mining Operation

Yuba County, California


Pending Administrative Action 

In a January 2007 ruling, the California Court of Appeal, Third Appellate District, held that a proper notice and hearing was required for vested rights determinations, and directed that when the SMGB is acting as the SMARA lead agency, the SMGB at the request of the operator, has the responsibility to conduct a public hearing and make a vested rights determination (Calvert v. County of Yuba, (2007) 145 Cal. App. 4th 613).  Western Aggregates, LLC.  submitted a request for determination, and the administrative record, to the SMGB on November 5, 2008.  The Chairman of the SMGB determined that the request was within the SMGB’s jurisdiction, and a Notice of Pending Vested Rights Determination was mailed on January 6, 2009, and amended on January 12, 2009.


The SMGB administers certain lead agency responsibilities and obligations pursuant to SMARA (Public Resources Code Section 2710 et seq.) for Yuba County, and will be conducting a vested rights determination (CCR Section 2950 et seq.) for the surface mining operation known as Western Aggregates, LLC.  (California Mine Identification No. 91-58-0001), located in Yuba County.


Public Hearing 

Notice is hereby given that the State Mining and Geology Board (SMGB) proposes to hold a public hearing in order to consider whether the Western Aggregates, LLC, surface mining operation, located in Yuba County, has vested rights in accordance with the Surface Mining and Reclamation Act of 1975 (SMARA), pursuant to Public Resources Code Division 2, Chapter 9, Article 5, Section 2776.


Public Hearing and Written Comments 

The SMGB has scheduled a public hearing for the determination of vested rights for August 6, 7 and 8, 2009.  The public hearing will commence at 9:00 A.M. each day.  The hearing facility will be barrier free in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.


At the hearing, any person may present statements or arguments orally or in writing relevant to the proposed action described in the Informative Digest.  Representatives for the Claimant, Yuba County and the general public, are invited to make statements at the hearing regarding the vested rights asserted.  The SMGB requests, but does not require, that persons who make oral comments at the hearing also submit a written copy of their testimony.  Any additional information is requested to be delivered to the SMGB no less than 60 calendar days (June 5, 2009) before the hearing and in no case will any responsive materials be submitted less than 45 calendar days (June 22, 2009) prior to the hearing.


 The public hearing will be held at:


The Yuba County Government Center

915 8th Street, Suite 109

Marysville, CA  95901




Inquiries concerning the substance of this Further Notice of Pending Determination should be directed to:


Mr. Stephen M. Testa, Executive Officer

State Mining and Geology Board

801 K Street, Suite 2015

Sacramento, California 95814

Phone: (916) 322-1082

Fax: (916) 445-0738




Nicole Bristow, Executive Assistant

State Mining and Geology Board

801 K Street, Suite 2015

Sacramento, CA  95814

Phone: (916) 322-1082

Fax: (916) 445-0738


¬Summary of Major Projects

¬Development in Yuba County: Subdivision Map (with project names)

¬Bear River

At its meeting of December 16, 2008, the Board of Supervisors certified the Environmental Impact Report and approved the Bear River project.  The project adds 549 acres of land to the southern portion of the PLSP (Plumas Lake Specific Plan) and includes 1,928 single-family residences and 195 multi-family units and 31 acres of commercial and business professional land.  The project also includes parks, open space, and a school site.  Project documents are on file in the Planning Department.  For additional information please contact Ed Palmeri, Assistant Planning Director - 



¬County Club Estates Project

At its meeting of December 9, 2008, the Board of Supervisors certified the Environmental Impact Report and approved the Country Club Estates project.  The 577 acre project includes 1,681 residential units, a neighborhood commercial area, a school, recreation areas and dedicated open space with park trails located both within and contiguous to the southwest portion of the Plumas Lake Specific Plan Area.  Project documents are on file in the Planning Department.  For additional information please contact Ed Palmeri, Assistant Planning Director -




¬Ostrom Road Quarry Conditional Use Permit (CUP2005-0015

Notice of Preparation  Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) Volume II -Appendices

A request by DeSilva Gates Construction, LLP to mine an approximately 315-acre property for an alluvial (sand and gravel) and reclamation plan approximately 10 miles east of Olivehurst and 15 miles east of Yuba City. The property (015-030-021) is zoned AE80. The project site is located on land historically utilized for orchards and grazing with supported agricultural uses (primarily walnut orchards) with interspersed cattle grazing. On-site orchards were recently removed.  Status:  The DEIR (Volume I) and the Appendices (Volume II) have been released and are available for review. The public comment period for the DEIR ended on July 30, 2008, and a public comment hearing for the DEIR was held with the Planning Commission on July 16th, 2008.  Comments received on the DEIR are currently being incorporated into the Final EIR (FEIR).    Contact:  Kevin Perkins, Planning.


For more information go to East of Highway 70 projects.

Project EIRs

Ostrom Road Quarry Draft Environmental Impact Report - DEIR (6-2008)


Country Club Estates Draft Environmental Impact Report - DEIR (5-2008)

Country Club Estates Final Environmental Impact Report - FEIR (10-2008)


Bear River Draft Environmental Impact Report DEIR  (3-2008)

Bear River Final Environmental Impact ReportFEIR  (10-2008)


Teichert Marysville Surface Mining Permit Modification and PG&E Infrastructure Improvements - Final SEIR (12-2007 & Additions)


SR 20/Kibbe Road Intersection Improvements and Private Haul Road  (10-05-2005)

Baldwin Hallwood Mine Expansion Project DEIR (10-31-2005)

Baldwin Hallwood Mine Expansion Project FEIR  (04-10-2006)



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