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STAA Truck Routes
What is a STAA truck route?  The Surface Transportation Assistance Act (STAA) of 1982 allows large trucks to operate on the Interstate and certain primary routes called collectively the National Network.  These trucks, referred to as STAA trucks, are longer than California legal trucks.  As a result, STAA trucks have a larger turning radius than most local roads can accommodate.  (For a more detailed discussion of truck sizes, see the Caltrans web page: "Truck Route Classifications.")



What is the engineering basis for determining access? The County performs engineering analyses that focus on a vehicle characteristic called "off-tracking." Off-tracking is the tendency for rear tires to follow a shorter path than the front tires when turning. Off-tracking is the primary concern with longer vehicles because rear tires may clip street signs, or drive onto shoulders, walkways, or bike lanes, or cross the centerline on a curve, creating a safety hazard for adjacent and oncoming traffic.


For further information concerning STAA Truck Routes see Section 9.60 of the Yuba County Ordinance Code


Vicinity Map                          STAA Truck Routes


STAA Vicinity Map             STAA Truck Routes
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