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Cascade Re-Build

Yuba County Government Center

915 8th Street, Marysville, CA 95901



Cascade Fire Debris Removal

Yuba County is requesting that Right-of-Entry (ROE) forms for participation in the State consolidated debris removal program be submitted no later than November 13, 2017 in order to facilitate the debris removal process.

If you have not received an ROE form, are unable to submit the form by November 13th, or are using a private contractor, please contact the Environmental Health Department promptly at 530-749-7523.

ROE Form


Hazards at time of Property Re-entry

The Environmental Health Department warns property owners who with to renter their property, prior to the completion of all Debris Clean-up, that significant health hazards may be present when exposed to ash, debris and household hazardous waste. Experience from similar fires in California has shown that asbestos, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), heavy metal residues, and other hazardous substances may be present in burn ash and debris.

Avoid direct contact with ash. If you get ash on your skin, in your eyes or in your mouth - wash it off as soon as possible.

Those involved in the Debris Clean-up have requested that anyone that chooses to return to their property, prior to final debris clean-up, do so cautiously - knowing that heavy equipment will be operating throughout the clean-up area.

If you have questions regarding debris, clean-up or ash, please feel free to contact the Environmental Health Department at:

or Phone (530) 749-5450

Temporary Living (Recreational Vehicle)

Many homeowners are considering the use of a Travel Trailer or Recreational Vehicle (RV) on their property to serve as their home during their re-build. To place an RV or Trailer on your property there are several considerations that must be met. You will be required to:

  • Have electricity installed at the RV

  • Connect a potable water source to the RV

      Environmental Health highly recommends:
        • chlorinating your well to sanitize water
        • having your well tested for coliform and E. Coli prior to consuming water

After a Fire, Well Tips

List of Well Water testing resources

Environmental Health will require a clean water test prior to allowing a Building Permit to be issued

  • Hook-up the RV to an appropriate waste water/sewage recepticle

      Environmental Health recommendations:
        • if using RV holding tank(s) or an external tank/bladder, that they be pumped as needed
        • renting an onsite port-o-potty - as a temporary solution for sewage
        • connect RV to existing septic system
        • have septic tank pumped and evaluated
        • suggest leaving tank valves closed and draining at regular intervals. Leaving discharge valve open will likely leave solids behind, making them difficult to clean later.
        • do not use chemicals in holding tanks

List of Septic System company contacts

If you place an RV on your property before the Fire Debris Clean-up is complete, please position your RV as far away from burned structures as possible. An RV should not block Debris Clean-up crews from using their equipment. Once your property has been cleared of Fire Debris, and you have received your Certificate of Compliance, your RV can be safely located closer to existing infrastructure/services, e.g., septic, well, and power.

If you have questions regarding the use of an RV or Travel Trailer as a temporary dwelling, please feel free to contact the Planning Department at:

or Phone (530) 749-5470

Building Permit and Construction Information

All new construction will be required to meet the current California State building codes. All fire safe standards shall be met and a residential fire sprinkler system is required by The State of California.

Environmental Health Requirements for rebuilding, permit issuance, etc.

    • Clean domestic well samples (coliform and e.coli) will be required prior to issuing a building permit.

    • As long as existing system work properly, it may be used. Owners and/or contractors must submit a report from a pumping company showing that tanks have been pumped and system has been evaluated prior to issuing a building permit.

Habitat for Humanity Yuba/Sutter is working with area partners to raise funds for home repairs and home builds for Cascade Fire Victims. If you have been effected by this area wildfire please contact our organization at If you are contractor and would like to partner to better those in need please contact us at 530-742-2727 Ext. 213 for families and Ext. 207 for contractors

Check a contractor's license

If you have questions regarding the building process or building permits, please feel free to contact the Building Department at:

or Phone (530) 749-5440