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Cascade Fire Recovery

Yuba County Government Center

915 8th Street, Marysville, CA 95901



Welcome to this informational page for the recovery efforts related to the Cascade Fire. This is an official page for the County of Yuba and is a resource for all things concerning this unprecedented disaster that has affected our community.

Trees on Affected Properties

It is the hope and belief that many of the burned trees from the Cascade Fire will survive. Here are helpful links while considering next steps in your property clean up efforts.

Oak Survival    

General Post-Fire Forestry    

Residential Trees after Wildfire    

Hazard Tree Removal    

Post-Wildfire, Dos and Don'ts    

If you have questions regarding trees and vegetation on your property, please feel free to contact Dan Peterson in the Public Works Department at:

or Phone (530) 749-5420

How do I get power restored to my property?

Contact a licensed and insured electrician to install a power pole and main meter panel (purchasing the power pole and meter panel is the homeowner's responsibility). After a pole and panel are installed call the Building Department at (530) 749-5440 and request an inspection to approve your installation. After the inspection, contact PG & E for electric meter installation. Make sure you tell the Building Department you are located within the cascade fire area.

Below is a link to the Building Department handout regarding power poles and their placement.

Combined Electrical Handouts    

If you have questions regarding Power Restoration at your affected property, please feel free to contact the Building Department at:

or Phone (530) 749-5440

Ready to begin the Re-Build process?

The Yuba County Community Development and Services Agency is enhancing their normal processes to ensure a seamless flow of information and services to swiftly enable the re-build.

The Yuba County Board of Supervisors has adopted a resolution that authorizes the Community Development and Services Agency Director to Defer, Alter and/or Waive fees associated with the Recovery and Re-Building. Please see the adopted Resolution here:

Cascade Fire Recovery Resolution    

As the full extent of the Cascade Fire is being evaluated by Yuba County leadership, each department will make their determination on fees. Once these decisions are made they will be communicated to all impacted property owners, letting you know the decisions to alter and/or waive fees. At this time, all fees are to be considered deferred. Deferring fees should allow owners and families to focus on what is important during these, first, critical weeks and months.

Cascade Re-Build