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Agency Departments and Staff

Building Department    Environmental Health      Finance & Administration    Planning       Public Works

Building Department
Chief Building Official:  Martin W. Griffin - Plans, coordinates and directs the operations for the County’s building, Code Enforcement and permitting functions


Building Inspection Division

Building Inspector:  Danny Burns - Building Inspection

Building Inspector:  Robert Garramore - Building Inspection

Building Inspector:  Dan Redding - Building Inspection

Plan Checker:  David Maddux - Building Inspection

Plan Checker:  Bobby Washburn - Building Inspection

Permit Technician:  Marie LaFranchi - Building Inspection


Code Enforcement Division

Supervising Building Official:  Jeremy Strang - Plans, coordinates and directs the operations for the Code Enforcement Division

Code Enforcement Officer:  John Rohrbach - Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement Officer:  John Jacenich - Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement Officer:  Tracie Clark - Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement Officer:  Chris Monaco - Code Enforcement


Environmental Health Department
Director:  Tej Maan - Plans, coordinates and directs the operations for the County’s Environmental Health Services

Environmental Health Specialist:  Andy Davis - Environmental Health 

Environmental Health Specialist:  Branden Hendrix - Environmental Health 

Environmental Health Specialist:  Chris Benedict - Environmental Health 

Environmental Health Specialist:  Jason Hempsmyer - Environmental Health 

Environmental Health Technician:  Jodi Bird - Environmental Health

Environmental Health Technician:  Margaret Hochstrasser - Environmental Health


Certified Unified Program Agency (CUPA)

Hazardous Material Supervisor:  Clark Pickell - Environmental Health/CUPA

Hazardous Material Specialist:  Gary Cantwell - Environmental Health/CUPA


Finance and Administration Department

CDSA Director:  Kevin Mallen - Plan and Coordinate overall functions of CDSA

Administration & Accounting Supervisor:  Jason Kopping - Administration, Daily Operations Lead

Senior Accounting Technician:  Sue Johnson - Accounting

Administrative Technician:  Kim Sapp - Accounts Receivable

Accounting Technician:  Veronica Ludwig - Accounts Payable

Administrative Technician:  Melanie Marquez - Administration, Customer Focus & Process Improvement

Accounting Assistant II:  Paula Almaguer - Administrative Support

Office Specialist:  Pam Kaiser - Administrative Support


Planning Department

Planner III:  Kevin Perkins - Planning Department

Planner I:  Tony Gon - Planning Department


Public Works Department

Public Works Director:  Mike Lee - Plan and Coordinate overall functions of the Public Works Department

Assistant Public Works Director:  Tim Young - Capital Improvements, Drainage


Engineering Division

Principal Engineer:  Van Boeck - Land Development, Traffic Engineering

Associate Civil Engineer:  Eric Ausmus - Engineering Design

Associate Civil Engineer:  Neil Retelsdorf - Construction Inspection/Engineering

Associate Civil Engineer:  Stevan Campbell - Engineering Design

Project Manager:  Perminder Bains - CSA Coordinator, Construction Inspection/Engineering

Engineering Technician:  Judy Zirion - Encroachment/Building Permits, Transportation Permits, Grants

Engineering Technician:  Kathy Gregg - Stormwater Management, Autodesk, GIS, Website

Engineering Technician:  Janice Reynolds - Construction Inspections, Encroachment Permits

County Surveyor

County Surveyor:  Mike Lee - Overall County Surveyor Functions

Assistant Surveyor:  Jeff Olsen - Right of Way, Addresses, Map Check


Road Maintenance Division/Equipment & Automotive Maintenance Division

Public Works Superintendent:  Mike Bailey

1420 Sky Harbor Drive; Marysville, CA 95901
Phone-(530) 741-6535 Fax-(530) 749-7903




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