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Child Welfare Services Division

5730 Packard Ave., Suite 100, (P.O. Box 2320) Marysville, CA 95901

24-Hour Emergency Hotline: (530)749-6288

Emergency Response (ER) units operate the 24-hour child abuse hotline and receive, investigate and evaluate reports of child abuse and neglect of children living in Yuba County. ER units respond to any report of imminent danger to a child immediately, and other reports within 10 calendar days. The social worker determines the appropriate action after assessing the safety of the child. The primary goal is to keep the children in the home and engage the family in voluntary services. Even if the referral does not rise to the legal level of risk, services can still be provided through referrals to other community agencies. When the child cannot remain safely at home the social worker will continue to work with the family and continue to offer services.


ER Services include:

  • Work with families by initiating voluntary services.
  • Remove children from high-risk and unsafe environment as needed.
  • On-going investigation and provide services after the child has been removed.
  • Initiate court proceedings for the protection of the child.
  • Determine how quickly the child can be safely returned home.
  • Meet with the family to assist in identifying the problems and to create a service plan.

Child Welfare Services Division • 5730 Packard Ave., Suite 100, (P.O. Box 2320) Marysville, CA 95901 • 24-Hour Emergency Hotline (530) 749-6288


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