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Employment Services Division

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Learning Disability Screening and Evaluation


According to the National Institute for Learning, Forty to fifty percent of adults in adult education programs, social service programs, or employment-seeking programs may have a learning disability that has kept them from achieving academic and employment success in their lives.  The National Institute for Literacy, Department of Education, and Office of Vocational and Adult Education has joined forces with the Department of Health and Human Services to identify these individuals and provide education and employment accommodations to support them in the workplace.


Having a learning disability means that your brain processes information differently than other people.  The bad news is that information gets lost or crossed as it travels through your brain.  It doesn't mean you're not smart, but it may mean that you are a lot smarter than you perform at school or at work.  The good news is that there is something we can do to help you. 


Our learning disability specialist can evaluate you and recommend the specific type of help that you need to be successful in school and work.  We will provide you with any accommodations that you need to participate in your Welfare to Work Activity.


Famous People With Learning Disabilities


See if you can match the following people with their description:


A.  Albert Einstein   E.  Richard Branson
B.  Walt Disney   F.  Whoopi Goldberg
C.  F.W. Woolworth   G.  Earvin "Magic" Johnson
D.  Tom Cruise   I.   Tommy Hilfiger


 1.  He is an enormously successful businessman.  He founded over 150 businesses that carry the Virgin name, such as Virgin Airlines and Virgin Records.  He owns his own island.

 2.  He is a legendary NBA basketball player who helps kids in the areas of education, health, and social issues.

 3.  As a child he was labeled as slow.  He worked in a village grocery store and suggested putting slow moving merchandise on a counter and selling it for five cents.  This venture was so successful that it was continued with new goods.  He became the principal founder of a chain of five and ten cent stores.

 4.  He is an internationally known fashion designer.

 5.  He was slow in school work and did not have a successful school experience, but later became a well-known movie producer and cartoonist.

 6.  This boy could not talk until the age of four and did not learn to read until he was nine.  His teachers considered him to be mentally slow, unsociable and a dreamer.  He failed the entrance exam for college.  Ultimately, he developed the theory of relativity.

 7.  She is a famous actress and comedian who has used her star power to raise money to eliminate homelessness.

 8.  He is a famous movie star.  He learns his lines by listening to a tape.  He suffers from dyslexia.


Answers:  1-E, 2-G, 3-C, 4-I, 5-B, 6-A, 7-F, 8-D


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