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Frequently Asked Questions





Business Hours for the Yuba County Library  

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

12:00 pm to 6:00 pm


9:00 am to 1:00 pm 

Closed -  Sunday & Monday


Preschool Programs @ the Library  

Join us for our preschool programs.  See our 'Programs @ the Library ' for upcoming events.


How to apply for a Library Card?

You need to fill out an application and show valid photo identification (military members must show military I.D) along with proof of current mailing address.  Documents accepted as proof of current mailing address:  Current utility bill/bank statement/insurance statement dated within the last 30 days.  Legible mail postmarked within 30 days.  Patrons who have lost their library card can replace it for a fee of $2.00.  Patrons must show valid photo identification along with proof of current mailing address before a replacement card is issued.


Access my library account online?

You can access your library account online.  In order to do this, you will need your library card number (14 digits) and PIN number (please come in with your library card and valid photo I.D and library staff will give you your PIN number).



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How to Contact the Yuba County Library?

Yuba County Library

303 2nd Street, Marysville, CA. 95901

Phone Number: (530) 749-7380


Web Site:


Finding a book / How Can I Use The Card Catalog Computers?

You can easily find a book by using one of our on-line card catalogs. Several stations have been located within the library. Anyone can use the Card Catalog Computers to search for books.  You can also search the catalog from your home or any computer with Internet access.   The Card Catalog address is:


Using the Internet at the Library 

As a patron of the Yuba County Library, you can use the public computers for 3 hours a day.  Patrons will need their library card to access the public computers.  Patrons who do not have a library account can be issued a guest pass.  To obtain a guest pass patron must show valid photo identification.


Can I use my own computer at the library? 

The Yuba County Library provides free Wireless Internet Access.  You may connect your wireless device, such as a laptop, notebook or PDA to the network.  There is no charge for this service. Please note library staff DO NOT offer technical support for this service.

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Can I get Help Connecting to the Wireless Internet?

Technical Assistance is NOT available through Yuba County or its staff. We strongly advise you to refer to the documentation, that came with your wireless device. You may also choose to speak directly to the vendor of your wireless device for additional information. The Library Staff can only provide you with general information regarding the wireless connection. The Yuba County Information Technology Department is also NOT available to assist with any device not owned by the County of Yuba. Please Do NOT ask for technical assistance or contact information as your request will not be satisfied. We appreciate your understanding in this matter and can only advise that you consult the manufacturer of the wireless device in question, or refer to the place of purchase for additional information.


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Is Wireless Internet Access Safe?

This question is very common among wireless laptop and PC users. While various methods are available to help prevent unwanted attacks, the fact is that no network is 100% safe, although there are some things that wireless users can do to help prevent these unwanted attacks. We have provided several links to materials, that may help you answer the questions you have about wireless security.



Do I Need Additional Software to Use the Wireless Connection?

Most modern computers offer built-in wireless capability and do not require additional hardware or software to connect to wireless networks. Connecting to wireless networks has actually become quite simple. Protection against hackers and intruders using wireless networks is where you may choose to purchase and install additional software. This is the area most often overlooked. As it tends to be the more difficult part of networking. Various software including virus protection and personal firewalls should never be overlooked when connecting to any network, especially a public network, as the type offered here. Many software vendors also provide updates and patches, which aid in the prevention of unwanted attacks. While the Yuba County Library will not recommend any specific software manufacturers we do recommend that you consider using adequate virus and personal firewall protection. Please refer to the "Is Wireless Internet Access Safe?" FAQ for more information.


How Can I Find Historic Photographs?

The Yuba County Library Offers several resources to its patrons providing Historic Information and photographs.

Among these include:

Our California Room

State Wide Archive





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