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Employee Benefits

As an employee of Yuba County, you have a wide variety of benefits available. These benefits include: health, dental, vision and life insurance; voluntary section 457 deferred compensation retirement savings program; education reimbursement; and an employee assistance program. This page provides a description and supporting documentation for the various Employee Benefits.

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Insurance Basics
For medical, dental and vision coverage Yuba County pays 90% of the employee only premium cost for the designated base plan and 70% of the base plan premium cost for an employee plus one or two or more dependents. PERS Choice is the base medical plan and the $1,500 calendar year maximum dental plan is the base dental plan. Insurance benefits are offered on an all-or-nothing basis and employees may elect to participate or not participate, but may not elect to participate in one and not another insurance program.

The County covers 100% of the Life Insurance Premium up to the values negotiated with each individual union.

2019 - Employee Health Dental Vision Benefit Rate Premium Summary

2018 - COBRA Premium Summary -2019 COMING SOON

2018 - Retiree Premium Summary -2019 COMING SOON

Benefits Contact Information

Benefits Summary by Union Membership
Confidential Unit Benefits Summary
Deputy District Attorney's Association (DDAA) Benefits Summary
Deputy Sheriff's Association (DSA) Benefits Summary
Law Enforcement Management Supervisory (MSA) Association Benefits Summary
Management Benefits Summary
Yuba County Employee's Association (YCEA) Benefits Summary

Medical Insurance
Yuba County offers a variety of medical plans through CalPERS. All employees are eligible for PERS Care, PERS Choice and PERS Select coverage, which are administered by Blue Cross. PORAC coverage is only available to members of PORAC. Blue Shield and Kaiser coverage is determined through zip code eligibility. To check your zip code eligibility please visit CalPERS at the link here

Health Program Guide

Medicare Enrollment Guide

2019 Health Benefit Plan Summary

Anthem Blue Cross Select HMO Summary of Benefits

Blue Shield HMO Summary of Benefits
Kaiser HMO Summary of Benefits - COMING SOON
PERS Care PPO Summary of Benefits
PERS Choice PPO Summary of Benefits
PERS Select PPO Summary of Benefits
PORAC Summary of Benefits -2019 COMING SOON

For further information on the exact specifics of what is covered in a plan and at what amounts please refer to the Evidence of Coverage for your plan.

Anthem Blue Cross Select HMO Evidence of Coverage

Blue Shield Evidence of Coverage
Kaiser Evidence of Coverage
PERS Care Evidence of Coverage
PERS Choice Evidence of Coverage
PERS Select Evidence of Coverage
PORAC Evidence of Coverage

Dental Insurance
Yuba County offers two dental plans through Delta Dental of California.  Both plans include orthodontic coverage for children and adults at 50% coverage. Participants of both plans have a choice of seeing a non-network provider, a Delta Premier provider or a Delta PPO (DPO) Provider. Participants will see additional out-of-pocket savings by utilizing the Delta Dental network, with the most savings being realized through the PPO (DPO) providers.

The base plan provides a $1,500 calendar year maximum. For employees wishing additional coverage the County offers a buy-up plan with a $2,000 calendar year maximum.

Delta Dental Base (Core) Plan Summary of Benefits
Delta Dental Buy-Up (Premium) Plan Summary of Benefits
Delta Dental Evidence of Coverage (Core)

Delta Dental Evidence of Coverage (Premium)
Delta Dental Website Information
Delta Dental Using Your Plan Handout


To locate a provider please visit Delta Dental of California

Vision Insurance
The County offers one vision plan through Medical Eye Services (MES). The MES plan is similar to a medical PPO in that participants have a choice between in-network and non-network providers with the most benefits afforded through the in-network providers. Exams and lenses are covered every 12 months with frames covered every 24 months, on a rolling calendar year basis. There is a $25 co-pay for exam services, the cost of standard lenses is covered (or a $105 allowance for contact lenses) and there is a $100 allowance for frames. Participants will see additional out-of-pocket savings by utilizing the MES network. Many retail locations such as Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club and Sears Optical are considered in-network providers.

MES Summary of Benefits
MES Evidence of Coverage
MES Language Assistance Program Notice of Availability
LASIK Discount Benefit Information


To locate a provider please visit Medical Eye Services

Life Insurance
Yuba County provides a Basic life insurance benefit to all eligible employees through Voya Employee Benefits. Employees wishing to purchase additional life insurance, long-term disability coverage or coverage for spouses and/or dependents may do so at their own expense.

Deferred Compensation
Yuba County offers two voluntary section 457 deferred compensation retirement savings programs through CalPERS and Nationwide Retirement Systems.

Employee Assistance Program
Yuba County offers an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) which is designed to help you manage life's challenges. EAP is administered through MHN. MHN can refer you to professional counselors and services that can help you and your eligible family members resolve a broad range of personal problems affecting your emotional health, family life and work life. These confidential services are provided free of charge to all employees for up to five visits per incident per contract year, which begins July 1st of each year. Counselors are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to assist you through life's difficulties including depression, anxiety, substance abuse, grief and loss, health and fitness, child and elder care, communication and relationships, and personal finance.

Short Term Disability Policy
Management and confidential employees, and members of the Deputy District Attorney's Association have access to the County's generous Short Term Disability Voluntary Program. Premiums from the Short Term Disability Program also cover enrollment in a Long Term Disability Program.

Short Term Disability Policy
Long Term Disability Summary of Benefits

CalPERS Pension

Yuba County offers a defined-benefit pension plan through California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS). As of January 1, 2013, Yuba County is under the 2% at 62 retirement formula for Miscellaneous members and the 2.7% at 57 formula for Safety members. Please contact CalPERS for more information regarding your pension benefits. Previous and current members of CalPERS may be eligible for the 2% at 55 Miscellaneous and 2% at 50 Safety formulas. Please contact Human Resources if you have questions about your eligibility. Yuba County does not participate in Social Security. 

CalPERS has additional information regarding pension benefits on their website at:


Benefit Comparison at a Glance:

Benefit Classic Member New Member (1/1/2013)
Retirement Formula 2% at 55 - Miscellaneous
2% at 50 - Safety
2% at 62 - Miscellaneous
2.7% at 57 - Safety
Final Compensation Single year Three-year period
Employee Contribution

*Beginning 7/1/18 Refer to YCEA, DDAA, YCPPOA MLA's and Non-Rep Policy regarding Employer Cost Share

Non represented groups include Management, Confidential, Elected Officials, and Extra Help employees

YCEA:  *8.194% Misc.
Non Rep:  *8.194% Misc. /10.50% Safety
DDAA:  *8%  Misc.
YCPPOA:  *10.50% Safety
DSA:  *7.5% Misc./10.50% Safety
MSA:  *7.5% Misc./10.5% Safety
YCEA:  *7.444% Misc.
Non Rep: *7.444% Misc. /10.75% Safety
DDAA:  6.25% Misc. 
YCPPOA: 10.75% Safety

DSA:  6.25% Misc./ 10.75% Safety         
MSA:  6.25% Misc./ 10.75% Safety 

Please visit the CalPERS website Member Publications to download the most recent Local Miscellaneous Member Benefit Publication (PUB 8) and Local Safety Member Benefit Publication (PUB 9). 




Yuba County
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