“Focused On You”

“Focused On You” is the Yuba County Health and Human Services Departments’ commitment to creating and maintaining a customer service organization in which both program clients AND department employees are given our best customer service.

We will demonstrate to the public that the focus is on serving them, and demonstrate to our fellow employees that we are each other’s customers.

Our employees are the single most effective means for conveying and practicing the customer service message. In this ongoing effort, we recognize that our success must be measured by our own efforts internally and externally.

The Health and Human Services Department (HHSD) is focused on six key areas in this public outreach effort. We present each area to you on web pages in English, Hmong and Spanish.

  • Focused On Achievement reflects the importance of helping clients reach self-sufficiency, and achieve control of their life direction.
  • Focused On Families clearly defines our commitment to family strength, safety, health and security of children and adults.
  • Focused On Health demonstrates our commitment to a healthy community and the efficient delivery of family health services to all residents of Yuba County.
  • Focused On Independence signifies the honor and esteem we hold for our elder residents, and commitment to protect and serve all vulnerable and at risk members of our community.
  • Focused on Success honors individual’s and families efforts as they move towards self-enrichment while attaining personal goals.
  • Focused On Veterans exemplifies our pride in all veterans who serve and have served our country, and our commitment to them.

Guiding principles of

“Focused On You”:

  • Every resident of Yuba is a customer, and it is critically important to practice excellent customer service for all HHSD clients, irrespective of their social status, race, nationality, gender and creed.
  • Good customer service is not an added burden, but provides job satisfaction, efficiency and results in professional gains and advantages.
  • HHSD employees provide each other the same courtesy, promptness and respect that we extend to our public customers.
  • We strive to help our clients achieve their goals of problem resolution and self-reliance as efficiently as possible.
  • HHSD has a commitment to the professional development of our employees, demonstrated in a broad range of ongoing training opportunities.
  • You will see the variety of ‘Focused On You’ posters in 3 languages (English, Hmong and Spanish) displayed continually within the Department on a rotating basis.