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Frequently Asked Questions about Measure K

Provided for informational purposes only.
Yuba County does not advocate a yes or no vote on this measure.



What is Measure K?
Measure K is Yuba County’s Public Safety & Essential Services Protection Measure. If enacted, Measure K would provide locally-controlled funding to maintain community priorities including public safety, retaining/attracting jobs and businesses, and other essential quality of life services.

How does Measure K address emergency response?
Measure K will help ensure that every call for a sheriff’s deputy, fire or medical emergency gets a timely response. Yuba County handles up to 40,000 calls to 911 each year. Sometimes there are only two emergency dispatchers, even during natural disasters such as the 2017 wildfire. On average, there are only six sheriff’s deputies patrolling the 664 square feet of Yuba County, with only two patrolling the foothills. Emergency response can take up to 50 minutes. Measure K will help address emergency response times.

Does Measure K impact fire protection?
Yes. Many of our local fire districts are staffed entirely with volunteers who rely on limited funding to provide firefighting and emergency medical response. Fire districts are working with broken equipment, rely on thrift stores to generate money and cannot recruit or retain qualified firefighters and volunteers. Measure K will expand support to our local fire districts who are critical to keeping each of our local communities safe.

Will Measure K address gangs and drugs in our area?
Yes. Gang violence remains a problem in Yuba County, and heroin and meth are increasing crime since Yuba County has had to withdraw from a joint narcotics task force serving our area. Measure K will allow the County to once again participate in the task force, NET-5, and stop gang members from selling hard drugs on the street.

Is Measure K accountable?
By law, Measure K will be locally-controlled and no funding can be taken by the State. Measure K, a one-cent sales tax for public safety and essential services in unincorporated Yuba County, includes Independent Citizen’s Oversight and audits to ensure Measure K is spent as promised.

What else does Measure K do?
Measure K maintains essential services that help strengthen our local economy, including establishing programs to help existing businesses thrive and retain local jobs while also attracting new businesses to our region. All of this would be accomplished under the scrutiny of the Independent Citizen’s Oversight Committee.











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