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April 27, 2015

Water Conservation on My Farm

Founded in 1957, the Yuba County Resource Conservation District is a special district that works with private landowners to assist them with natural resource conservation.

In an effort to further this goal we are launching a new program in June of 2015 that will be available to all farms and ranches in Yuba County. The main purpose of this program will be to advise farmers and ranchers on how they can best conserve the water that they have available.

We will provide each customer with the technical assistance needed to optimize the use of their resources at no charge. The customer’s responsibility is just to call us for an application, complete the application, and then alert us. We will work out the scheduling of the visit and connect them with the conservation technician who will visit their farm and review their present water and soil practices. The technician will then draft a plan designed specifically for the property and send it to the customer along with possible funding information from the 2015 Farm Bill. The program is completely voluntary as is the choice to adopt any recommended conservation practice(s).

Call Gary Hawthorne for your application, scheduling, and any questions. Call (530) 692-9006.